From Fear to There

Hodophobes are people who have a clinically significant fear of travel. This blog is written for hodophobes, but not only for them. It’s also for those of you who have related fears, such as separation anxiety or agoraphobia, that keep you from enjoying your travels as much as you otherwise might.  And if you’re not truly phobic but still feel nervous about hitting the road, this blog’s for you too. Here’s to the happy travels that lie ahead of us as we conquer our fears. 

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If fear is your barrier to travel, this is your blog. It’s about finding a way to move beyond a life that’s too small for you. It’s about climbing over, dismantling, or ignoring the barriers that can keep you from walking boldly forward into the wide, wide world. It’s about tending your dreams, and living with purpose, and making your life as big as you can stretch it. It’s about stretching yourself.

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Book CoverWhether you’re dealing with a full-blown travel phobia or just feel a little nervous about stepping outside your comfort zone, From Fear to There is the ultimate guide for resolving your fears. Written by a professional counselor who is also a recovering hodophobe (fearful traveler), this manual will show you how to:

• Identify your default response (DR) to fear
• Learn why what you’ve tried in the past hasn’t worked
• Choose a “perfect fit” approach for overcoming your fears
• Understand popular, evidence-based treatment strategies
• Apply a step-by-step plan for putting your fears behind you

You’ll follow along as three anxious people take different routes to the same destination – a life unlimited by fear. Guided by the results of numerous clinical studies, they’ll show you how to develop effective anxiety-busting skills and integrate them into your life.

You’ll learn from their successes. You’ll learn from their mistakes. And when you reach the end of their roads, you’ll be prepared to gather up everything you’ve taken from their examples and strike off on your own. Get ready to pack your bags and kiss your travel fears goodbye!

Hi. I’m Kathy, head hodophobe at From Fear to There and author of a book by the same name. I spent 20 years in mental health practice as a Licensed Professional Counselor, and I’m currently an online college instructor. It’s the perfect job for me, since I can do my work anytime, anywhere.…read more 

Fear of Flying course

3 Easy Steps for a DIY Fear of Flying Course

Fear of flying is one of the primary barriers to a life of happy travel, yet courses designed to dispel that fear are abundant, affordable, and effective. You can even design one yourself, based on a typical program offered through many airlines and counseling offices. You’ll need to include these 3 easy steps.

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safety behaviors maintained my fear of flying

Safety Behaviors: What They Are and Why it Matters

Could the actions you take to get rid of your fears actually be making them worse? Afraid so. According to the research, “safety behaviors,” the common behaviors anxious people believe to be helpful in getting rid of anxiety play a role in maintaining it, instead. They can even make it worse.

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getting rid of travel anxiety

3 Pieces of Bad Advice for Getting Rid of Your Travel Anxiety

Isn’t the internet great for finding answers? Unfortunately, it’s easy to come across bad advice here too. It’s all mixed in with the good stuff, which makes it hard to know the difference. And to make things even worse, the bad advice often has a kernel of truth hidden somewhere in the middle of all the hype and misrepresentation. But finding the truth is like looking for a needle in a haystack. You practically have to be a mental health professional or a recovering hodophobe to tease it out of all that fodder.

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Showing the light for anxious travelers

Role Models for Anxious Travelers

I just came across this article by Tim Trainor for the East Oregonian. It’s an interview with Roanne Van Voorst, world traveler, anthropologist, risk specialist, public speaker, author, trainer, rock climber, personal coach…well, the list goes on and on. She has fear, or has had it, about all these things, but she doesn’t let it hold her back, and that makes her a good role model for anxious travels.

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We Hodophobes Overestimate Risk

The fears that kept us from hitting the road were way out of proportion to the risks. It’s not that the things we feared could never happen. It’s that the chances they will are far smaller than we imagine them to be. So why are our visions of travel disaster so persistent?

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Inborn traits may the source of your travel anxiety

What Causes Travel Anxiety – Part II

Not long ago, I mentioned that one possible reason for your hodophobia is an insecure attachment style. But it’s also possible that the way you were raised has little to do with your travel fears. Here’s another idea. Maybe you were born that way.

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What Causes Travel Anxiety – Part I

To travel is to be a stranger in a strange land. We may be calling your fears about this illogical today, but even though they’re out of proportion to risk, in fact they’re perfectly natural. Humans are designed to fear unfamiliar people. They’re designed to fear unfamiliar surroundings.

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